Gender and Water Alliance

Considering Gender Issues in Flood Mitigation in Mozambique

This folder contains a paper presented by GWA member Maliha Hussein, as well as the conclusions and recommendations of a session at a conference in Mozambique on floods and disasters. The conclusions and recommendations of the workshop mention that flood protection and mitigation measures need to be seen within the context of IWRM.
File Considering Gender Issues in Flood Mitigation
Article by Maliha Hussein and Tariq Hussein, presented in the session on IWRM - implications for Mozambique. The paper focuses on a gender perspective in flood protection. It highlights the particular issues that women face with respect to floods not only in Mozambique but the world over and presents the gender perspective for effective flood protection and mitigation measures.
File Session 1: Integrated water resource management - implications for Mozambique
Report including conclusions and recommendations
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