Gender and Water Alliance

GWA Products

The activities of GWA also generate concrete products on gender mainstreaming in the water sector. They are available here arranged by output and can be used free of charge, but please acknowledge GWA if you do. As we are interested to hear about experiences in using our products we would appreciate it if you send us pictures or give us your feedback. For some products you need to contact the secretariat to obtain them as we like to monitor their use more closely, but also these products are mostly available free of charge.
GWA network
Here you find leaflets explaining the work of GWA as well as GWAs annual reports.
Knowledge on gender and water
Here you will find articles, case studies, fact-sheets and publications written by or on behalf of GWA, as well as the resource guide on Gender and IWRM which was completely revised by GWA in 2006.
Capacity building
Final documents on capacity building programmes as well as training material and manuals developed by GWA.
Policy influencing
Reports and manuals on mainstreaming gender in water policies and programmes.
Exhibit materials
Here you can find display and exhibit materials developed by GWA.
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