Gender and Water Alliance


Articles relevant to gender and water.
GWA Articles in Source Bulletin
From October 2006 untill May 2010 GWA filled two pages of the English, French and Spanish version of the hard copy version of Source Bulletin, Source Nouvelles (French) and Boletín de Noticias (Spanish) which is published quarterly by IRC. The digital version of the articles GWA published, can be found here.
File Brief overview on the current situation on gender and water management in Egypt
Paper presented by S. Ibrahim at 3rd Arab Water Regional Conference: Research Advancement in Managing Limited Water Resources. Special Session: Mainstreaming Gender in Water Resources Management: Monitoring and Evaluation
Does Increased Water Access Empower Women?
Saskia Ivens examines the extent to which women have benefited from increased water access. She argues that while gender equality is crucial for the sustainability of water programmes, its advancement through water programmes has been limited. She calls for more impact studies and suggests the use of empowering participatory approaches.
File Impacts of domestic water supply on gender and income: results from a participatory study in a drought-prone region in Gujarat, India
In this paper the value of an improved domestic water supply was investigated for economic development and gender relations in rural households in a drought-prone area. The extra income that women gain when the supply works and is used economically helps poor families to bridge the dry season. The findings support the view that rural poverty and the status of women would receive a significant boost if policy makers focused on providing employment opportunities for women along with improved water supplies
Special Journal Issue on Gender and Collective Action (JID)
The first 2008 issue of the Journal for International Development is a special issue on gender and collective action, which is made available free and open access as a sample to promote the journal. This includes an article on floodplain management in Bangladesh, water management in Kenya, and watershed management in East Africa.
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