Gender and Water Alliance


Final declarations, reports of GWA members and GWA activities on conferences on gender and/or water relevant to the field of work of GWA.
GWA activities at conferences
Thisd link will guide you to the section on GWA's activities to promote the international and global profile. Here you will find information on the conferences attended by GWA
Report of the first session of the Gender Equality Action Assembly at the 5th World Urban Forum, 2010
GWA member Daniela Noguiera was a panelist in workshop number 4: Access to environmentally sound urban services. The World Urban Forum took place 19-20 March 2010, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
File Learning Circle: Gender and Climate Change, CSW56, 2012
Nearly 150 participants joined in the Learning Circles on Gender and Climate co-hosted by the GGCA at the CSW56 in New York, 5 March 2012
5th World Water Forum, 2009
This folder contains declarations, statements, and other resources produced from the 5th World Water Forum, held from 16 - 22 March 2009 in Istanbul, Turkey
Sanitation for the urban poor, partnerships and governance, IRC, 2008
IRC Symposium: Sanitation for the urban poor, Partnerships and Governance, 19-21 november 2008, Delft, The Netherlands
File Call for action of WASH practitioners’ Marketplace and Fair, 2008
WASH practitioners’ Marketplace and Fair, 10 - 13 November 2008, Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh.
File Manila Declaration for Global Action on Gender in Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction, 2008
Manila, Philippines 22 October 2008
File DECLARATION; Dynamic cities need women, 2007
Final declaration of the International forum: Dynamic cities need women, Brussels december 2007.
File Ministerial Declaration of the 3rd World Water Forum, 2003
Final declaration at the 3rd Wolrd Water Forum 23 March 2003, Kyoto, Japan
Considering Gender Issues in Flood Mitigation in Mozambique
This folder contains a paper presented by GWA member Maliha Hussein, as well as the conclusions and recommendations of a session at a conference in Mozambique on floods and disasters. The conclusions and recommendations of the workshop mention that flood protection and mitigation measures need to be seen within the context of IWRM.
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