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5th World Water Forum, 2009

This folder contains declarations, statements, and other resources produced from the 5th World Water Forum, held from 16 - 22 March 2009 in Istanbul, Turkey
File 5th World Water Forum: Ministerial Statement
The 5th World Water Forum concluded deliberations in Istanbul, on 21st March 2009 afternoon. Ministers met at a closing session in the morning of March 21, during which they presented summaries on eight roundtable sessions and adopted their Declaration.
File 5th World Water Forum: Istanbul Water Consensus
The Istanbul Water Consensus (IWC) was signed during the 5th World Water Forum by 52 mayors, calling local authorities for a joint-commitment concerning management of urban water reserves. The consensus is a non-binding agreement among cities across the globe to initiate progress in the development of sustainable water management strategies in the face of global challenges, including urbanization and climate change. The Istanbul Water Consensus named “Champion Cities” united in commitment for urban water resource management.
File 5th World Water Forum: Istanbul Water Guide
The Istanbul Water Guide was prepared through a series of Preparatory Committee Meetings (PrepComs) attended by representatives of national governments as well as major stakeholders and the Thematic and Regional Coordinators of the 5th World Water Forum. This document is based on the broad views of the participants of the PrepCom series and the outcomes and recommendations of a number of technical and political meetings, such as symposia, conferences, summits and regional water forums held early 2009.
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