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Articles in Source Bulletin

From October 2006 untill May 2010 GWA filled two pages of the English, French and Spanish version of the hard copy version of Source Bulletin, Source Nouvelles (French) and Boletín de Noticias (Spanish) which is published quarterly by IRC. The digital version of the articles GWA published, can be found in this folder.
We have a teaspoon to empty the atlantic
By: Joke Muylwijk, Executive Director GWA, Source Bulletin May 2010
Water vendors versus women water users
By: Joke Muylwijk, Source Bulletin May 2010
From the GWA Secretariat: First Ladies of Nigeria come for study tour
Source Bulletin December 2009
Lessons from South Africa: exploring the critical link between rural women and water resource management
By Carla Ackerman (Dynamic Development CC), Alinda Nortje (Free to Grow (Pty) Ltd), Toni Belcher and René Ngwenya (Dynamic Learning Spaces), Source Bulletin December 2009
GWA members engender Bolivia's water policy
By: Isabel Ascarrunz, Source Bulletin December 2009
Cartoon booklets on gender and water speak to people all over the world
Source Bulletin May 2009
Bridging gender divides in water at the Fifth World Water Forum
Source Bulletin May 2009
Sad death of an honoured member
Source Bulletin May 2009
Kyrk-Kyz or forty girls in Uzbekistan gain the courage for leadership
By: Galina Stulina, SIC ICWC, Uzbekistan, Source Bulletin December 2008
Burkina Faso: From water managers to water "beggars"
By: Margriet Reinders, GWA facilitator, Source bulletin September 2008
Brazil: Rainwater harvesting in semi-arid region helps women
By: Daniela Noguiera, Department of Sociology, University of Brasilia (SOL/UNB), Culture et Societes Urbaines, Paris 8 (CSU/CNRS), Source Bulletin September 2008
Gender roles are critical to success of Water for African Cities programme
By Ms. Jeanne Bushayija, GWA-UNHabitat Francophone Programme Coordinator, Source Bulletin May 2008
Making water quality visible: for women as well as for men
By: Stephany Kersten and Ammatilla Ahmed, CARE International Yemen and Kaid Al Sidrayh from Water and ENvioronment Centre Sana'a University, Yemen, Source Bulletin May 2008
Gender-sensitive toilet design meets cultural needs of girls and women in north-east Nigeria
By: Sam Andenyang, Source bulletin February 2008
Mainstreaming gender in water – there is a word for it in Arabic
Source bulletin February 2008
Tonga: Participatory approaches for rainwater harvesting
By: Kamal Khatri, Source bulletin November 2007
Flowing upstream: The challenge of mainstreaming gender in water governance
By: Sara Ahmed, Chair of GWA, Source Bulletin November 2007
Children put sanitation habits in the picture
By: Mrs. DAGUIA Casimilia Olga, Source Bulletin August 2007
Gender, water and integrity – first outcomes of e-conference
Source Bulletin August 2007
South Asia: First regional strategic planning for mainstreaming gender in IWRM by GWA
Source Bulletin May 2007
From fishing to farming: Land and water resource management at Katosi landing site, Lake Victoria, Uganda
By: Margaret Nakato, Source Bulletin May 2007
Maharashtra: Women’s water project transforms village (and may be a cure for baldness!)
By: Pramod Deshmukh. Source Bulletin February 2007
Gender and water: how to engineer a common language?
Partnership between Both ENDS, Comprehensive Assessment and GWA. Source Bulletin February 2007
Gender and social water management in the Custepec river basin, Chiapas, Mexico
By: Laura E. Ruiz M., GWA, México, Source Bulletin November 2006
The Work of the Gender and Water Alliance
By: Ethnè Davey, Chairperson GWA, Source Bulletin November 2006
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