Gender and Water Alliance

GWA network

Here you find leaflets explaining the work of GWA as well as GWAs annual reports.
File Information leaflet of GWA (2008)
This leaflet summarises why a focus on gender and water is necessary, explains about gender in the different water sectors, and about GWA: its origin and evolution, the mandate of GWA, the Core Strategic Activities, Future Directions, and how can you contribute to GWA
File Leaflet on the Gender and Water Programme Bangladesh (2015)
In this 2-page leaflet a brief summary is given of the Gender and Water Programme Bangladesh. It delineates the goals, objectives, apporach and components of the programme as well as gives a brief overview of progress by January 2015.
File Sidestream or Mainstream leaflet (2002)
Sidestream or Mainstream is about making all water uses the business of women and men. Everybody, men, women and children must help manage and share water fairly. Conflicts over "troubled waters" - sometimes too much, too little or too polluted - must be avoided. They harm people, food production, nature, the environment, and sustainable development in general. Note that the address of the secretariat in the leaflet is not the current adress!
Annual reports
The progress reports of GWA give a concrete overview of the work done in the respective year. The activities, the outcome and impact of the work of GWA are highlighted. Also an overview of the number of members is given.
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