Gender and Water Alliance

South Asian Chapter

Below you can open images of the panels of the South Asian chapter of the Traveling Exhibit on Gender and Water. Digital copies of the exhibit are available at the GWA secretariat and can also be adapted to include the texts in local languages. Additional panels can also be developed on the basis of the provided format. If you are interested in display, translation and/or adaptation of this exhibit, please contact the secretariat.

The panels displayed here are in English and Hindi. The exhibit is also available in  Bengali, Nepali, Urdu and Sinhalese which include a panel specific for the country where it is developed (Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka).

Introduction panel

Engendering Access to Water

Gender, Hygiene and Sanitation

Gender and Water for Livelihoods

Gender, Disasters and Adaptation

Gender and Water Governance

Concluding Panel

Country panels:

Nepal country panel

Pakistan country panel

Sri Lanka country panel

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