Gender and Water Alliance

Tutorial for Water Managers: Why Gender Matters (2014)

Together with CapNet GWA has developed a self learning tool for water professionals and others interested in or responsible for managing water resources. This was published first in 2006, and has now been revised and updated. The tutorial wants to show how addressing gender will improve efficiency of water use and environmental sustainability. Therefore this tutorial first deals with the general concepts of gender and gender mainstreaming and then specifies to look at the following water sectors: drinking water, sanitation, agriculture and environment (including climate change). But apart from the "why" the tutorial also deals with the "how" of gender mainstreaming. To this end a quick-guide has been included at the beginning of the Tutorial, and in every chapter references and links to manuals, tools, resource centres and case studies are included.

Interactive version of the Tutorial

This link will lead you to the interactive version of the Tutorial "Why gender matters in IWRM". It is designed so you can navigate through the tutorial easily and access those parts most relevant to you. It gives in-depth information about the topics in every chapter and includes tools, references, case studies and further reading.

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For those that do not have access to the internet easily available, or prefer a paper copy, we provide the complete Tutorial for Water Managers in pdf-format in several resolutions. This pdf contains the same information as the interactive version and includes all tools, references and links to case studies and further reading.

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Popular version of the Tutorial

Here you find a popularised version of the Tutorial for water managers, which is shorter but does not include the references to the tools, resource centres and manuals. This version is available in 4 different resolutions depending on your need for printed material and the speed of your internet-connection. The interactive pdf-version in this folder, is based on the popularised version, but does include the references to tools, resource centres, case studies and manuals.

Popular version of the Tutorial - Read More…

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