Gender and Water Alliance

World Urban Forum III

At the World Urban Forum Joke Muylwijk spoke about Gender and Partnerships, with an emphasis on the partnership GWA has with UN-Habitat (click here for her presentation). The film of the WSIB and GWA was presented in a breakfast session by Mariam Yunusa of WSIB, UN-Habitat (click here to see the film)

In the total programme of the forum there were a few sessions about water and sanitation. GWA-member Prabha Khosla acted as a panellist for GWA in the large plenary session chaired by Margret Carlson. Prabha also lead an urban women’s session, Gender Mainstreaming and Local Governance, which attracted massive attention.

The GWA Executive Director had meetings with UN-Habitat about follow-up of Water for African Cities II programme and the Lake Victoria programme, with CIDA about possible collaboration, with Pan African Vision for the Environment (PAVE) about Training of Trainers in Nigeria, and with a number of country representatives of WaterAid about possible cooperation.

Training of trainers

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