Gender and Water Alliance

Annual and Financial Reports GWA

The progress reports of GWA give a concrete overview of the work done in the respective year. The activities, the outcome and impact of the work of GWA are highlighted. Also an overview of the number of members is given.
FileProgress report 2014
FileProgress report 2013
FileProgress report 2012
FileProgress report 2011
FileProgress report 2010
FileProgress report 2009
FileProgress report 2008
FileProgress report 2006
Financial reports 2011-2018
The audited financial reports of GWA, 2011-2016, and the summaries of 2017 and 2018.
FileProgress Report 2015
FileProgress Report 2016
This report includes the GWA Approach.
FileProgress Report GWA 2017 incl finances
This annual report includes the description of gender aspects of all SDGs. Also the Member Survey report, the Membership Report and the summary of finances.
FileGWA Progress Report 2018
This report includes the GWA Empowerment Approach. Also the summary of the finances are included.
FilePicture of Members' Meeting in Dhaka, November 2018
Training of trainers

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