Gender and Water Alliance

3rd World Water Forum, 2003

In March 2003, the 3rd World Water Forum took place in Kyoto, Shiga and Osaka, Japan. GWA was present at the forum in Kyoto with a stand and a session called "Gender in Court".
Gender in Court
The Gender and Water Alliance brings its work in mainstreaming gender “to court” at the Gender and Water Session in the 3rd World Water Forum.
GWA Booth at 3rd World Water Forum in Kyoto
The booth had a good location in the Exhibition Hall opposite the Events stage and attracted a lot of interest, both from people who already knew about the GWA or the Gender in Court session, and from other participants at the Forum who were passing by. It also acted as a useful base and meeting point for GWA members at the Forum.
Session reports
Reports of GWA members on several sessions they attended during the 3rd World Water Forum
Ministerial declaration
Training of trainers

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