Gender and Water Alliance

Traveling Exhibit

As "one picture tells more than a thousand words", GWA developed a photo exhibition showing different aspects of gender related to water. The main objectives of this exhibit are: to raise awareness about gender and water issues to strenghten capacity in community-based groups and organisations and to address gender equity in integrated water resource management. Together with GWA members and partners from the respective regions, the exhibit was developed for the Latin American and Carribean region in 2005, an African Chapter was developed in 2007, followed by a South Asian chapter in 2008.

Latin American and Caribbean chapter of Travelling Exhibit

In cooperation with IW-Learn a set of 10 different panels was produced with text in Spanish and English. Later a second set was printed with text in 4 languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese and French. The exhibit was launched at the 3rd biennial GEF IW Conference in Salvador, Brazil in June 2005. After that the exhibit travelled through the following countries of Latin America: Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Jamaica, Mexico, Bolivia, Panama, and Argentina, where it was displayed at several international conferences as well as at national and local events. During its display other activities like seminars, radio programmes, drawing competitions for children, essay competitions for students, were organised to raise awareness about gender and water. These activities strengthened the exhibit on display and managed to reach many people.

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Training of trainers

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