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Voices of SIDR Survivors: Life stories of surviving victims of Cyclone SIDR

This book is a rare compilation of the unheard life stories of some survivors of the deadly Cyclone SIDR that hit Bangladesh in 2007. Using the actual words of the survivors as far as possible, the book attempts to recount the suffering, courage and attempts of poor women and men survivors to improve their situation and get back on their feet after devastating disasters. Despite their resourcefulness and amazing capacity to adapt and survive, women and men such as these survivors of SIDR in coastal Bangladesh are as yet mostly unseen and unheard - reduced to a number in disaster statistics on loss and damage, and not even this sometimes. Through this documentation we hope to bring to the attention of decision makers and the wider public not only the needs and interests of those left behind in the wake of a disaster, but also their capacity and skills - which is better used in relief and rehabilitation efforts, rather than ignored. GWAPB acknowledges Voice of South Bangladesh for enabling this work, and also the Netherlands Embassy for financing this work.

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