Gender and Water Alliance

Watershed Empowering Citizens

Watershed is a strategic partnership between the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and IRC, Simavi, Wetlands International and Akvo, which is implemented in 6 countries including Bangladesh, as well as at the International level and in the Netherlands. The main aim of this 5-year programme (2016-2020) is to strengthen capacity of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to advocate and lobby in the interrelated fields of IWRM (Integrated Water Resource Management) and WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) to ensure equity and social inclusion, as well as sustainable usage of water resources. GWA is involved in Bangladesh, to ensure that gender and inclusion in IWRM is understood and mainstreamed in the project.
File Annual Narrative Report GWA Watershed 2017
GWA is involved in the Watershed project since April 2017. The report includes details and pictures of fieldvisits, meetings, workshops, etc.
File Report of Field visit to Bhola GWA 2017
The report describes the coaching sessions on Gender, Inclusion and Advocacy for WASH and IWRM. There are case studies, description of Focus Groups Discussion, checklists, and findings. All in Bhola, the largest Island of Bangladesh.
File Report of Field Visit to Bhola GWA 2018
The report includes various visits to villages and to government office bearers in the water sectors. It explains the Empowerment Approach.
File Report Capacity Building Gender and Inclusion 2018
This is the report of the workshop with DORP in January 2018, to develop a Gender Action Plan and build gender-related capacity of the team.
File Report of Workshop Gender and Inclusion II with DORP 2018
This is the second workshop for the DORP team, this time including the staff of other DORP projects as well, conducted in September 2018.
File Training Module Gender, Inclusion and Advocacy
Of the GWA training manual the advocacy module is adapted to the situation in Bhola Bangladesh, the location of the Watershed project. It focuses on advocacy for water and sanitation for those who are usually left behind.
The website of the Watershed project
File Gender responsive and socially inclusive WASH in Bangladesh
For the Watershed project, Khadiza Akter, GWA-B, wrote an article about the lobby and advocacy approach to gender and inclusion in Bhola, and island in the South of Bangladesh.
File Annual Narrative Report 2018 GWA - Watershed BD
These are the GWA texts for the overall project report of 2018.
File Gender, Inclusion and Advocay Training Module in Bangla
The module in Bangla can be used for different advocacy activities, but it is adapted to the situation in Bhola, Bangladesh. It can be used in combination with other Bangla modules, developed for the Women2030 project.
File Gender Coaching Manual Watershed Bangla 2020
The Coaching Manual for Gender and Inclusion in Advocacy for IWRM, WASH, Epidemics and Disaster Management in rural areas, Including a session about COVID-19, translated into Bangla, and adapted to to Bangladesh
File Watershed GWA Policy Brief GESI in Bangla
The Policy Brief describes in short all essential issues of Gender equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) in WASH and IWRM, including Solid Waste Management. It is translated into Bangla.

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