Gender and Water Alliance

GWAPB Products

The activities of GWAPB also generate concrete products on gender mainstreaming in the water sector in Bangladesh. They are available here arranged by output and can be used free of charge, but please acknowledge GWA if you do. As we are interested to hear about experiences in using our products we would appreciate it if you send us pictures or give us your feedback. For some products you need to contact the secretariat to obtain them as we like to monitor their use more closely, but also these products are mostly available free of charge.
Collaboration, Networking and Coordination
Cooperation between the GWA member organisations, the EKN supported water-related projects, various civil society and GoB organisations, identifying their need for support and strategizing effective mainstreaming of gender in their policies and activities.
Capacity building, training and coaching
Capacity building for Gender Mainstreaming at all levels (from Govt. departments, engineers and technical staff, LGI staff, NGOs, and grass-roots user groups) is a core need in the water sector. Consequently this is a focus of the GWAPB and is recognised as the only way to go from ‘lip service’ to effective implementation at field level. The GWA approach is one of participatory and shared learning, building on the knowledge that technical specialists already have about the significance of Gender Mainstreaming.
Knowledge Development
Existing gender-and-water information is inventorised, gaps are identified and relevant sources and resources listed. Studies, surveys and inquiries are conducted.
GWAPB Annual Reports
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