Gender and Water Alliance

Knowledge Development

Existing gender-and-water information is inventorised, gaps are identified and relevant sources and resources listed. Studies, surveys and inquiries are conducted.
Research and Field study Reports
FilePolicy Brief: Gender in Aquaculture
This policy brief highlights why a gender sensitive approach in aquaculture is crucial to sustainable and gender equitable growth and development in Bangladesh, and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Agenda and SDGs.
FileGender and Water Inventory
There are many policy documents, acts, research papers, case studies, books, guidelines, and toolkits that are relevant to the water sector and the different users in Bangladesh. GWAPB maintains an inventory of these documents and publications, specific to the context of Bangladesh, reviews the information with a gender-sensitive lens, lists the sources, and provides this information in an accessible and user-friendly format for reference of the public, through our online Gender and Water Inventory (GWI). The GWI is a living inventory to be updated on a regular basis. In case you want to add a document, please mail to secretariat (ad)
FileEmpowerment: four interacting elements for analysis and as an objective for development
This paper explains the empowerment approach used by the Gender and Water Alliance (GWA) in its work, and specifically outlines and illustrates some practical ways to apply this methodology in capacity building trainings, and as a tool for analysis and monitoring of development project interventions.
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