Gender and Water Alliance

Capacity building, training and coaching

Capacity building for Gender Mainstreaming at all levels (from Govt. departments, engineers and technical staff, LGI staff, NGOs, and grass-roots user groups) is a core need in the water sector. Consequently this is a focus of the GWAPB and is recognised as the only way to go from ‘lip service’ to effective implementation at field level. The GWA approach is one of participatory and shared learning, building on the knowledge and experience that technical specialists already have about the significance of Gender Mainstreaming in their work.
Major Capacity Building Activities
Developing Individual Gender Action Plans (IGAP) is one of the major outcomes of the capacity building workshops. The IGAP is a tool that helps build a development professional’s commitment ad capacity to mainstream gender in their personal work and life sphere. An IGAP is developed and implemented over one year, and may relate to the project/programme Gender Action Plan, but could also be developed and implemented independent of it.
Exclusive capacity building programme for the EKNsPs-
Facilitating the gender mainstreaming process of the EKN supported projects (EKNsP) is one of the core objectives of the GWAPB. Following are the list of activities conducted/facilitated by the programme, exclusively for the EKNsPs:-
CB support to the Government
GWAPB collaborates with key government institutions in Bangladesh such as the National Academy for Planning and Development (NAPD) in order to integrate a gender perspective, and current knowledge of gender issues in water (related) sectors in their training curriculum. Following are the events organized by GWAPB in this context, as well as some events in which GWAPB staff participated as resource persons:
CB support to academic institutions
GWAPB staff were invited to different academic institutions in Bangladesh, as resource persons, to give a lecture on issues related to Gender and Water.
Image The participants of the Gender and IWRM Workshop I , along with the GWAPB Team
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Image The participants of the Gender and IWRM Workshop I , along with the GWAPB
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