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GWA has worked together with UN-Habitat in many different programmes. It started with the "Water for African Cities" (WAC) Programme in order to develop a gender mainstreaming initiative and to implement a gender mainstreaming strategy in the seventeen African cities participating in the programme. In the "Lake Victory Water and Sanitation Initiative", that followed the WAC-Programme, GWA ensured mainstreaming of gender into the programme by joining a consortium with SNV, IHE-Unesco and FCM.

In the "Water for Asian Cities" (WAsC) programme and the "Mekong Water and Sanitation Initiative" (MEK-WATSAN), GWA together with the Mekong River Commision (MRC) built the capacity of the local partners of UN-Habitat in Gender and WATSAN and provided a digital resource book on Gender and WATSAN specific for the region. Also in the "Water for Latin American and Carribean Cities" Programme GWA executed a capacity building programme for Gender in WATSAN and compiled a book on the programme gathering insights and recommendations for the way forward.

Another type of cooperation was the review of gender disaggregated data in water and sanitation management with a focus on Africa.

More detailed information on all above mentioned activities can be found on this website in the section "GWA activities".

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