Gender and Water Alliance

Our approach

Vision, Mission and Goal
An integrated water resources management approach that includes the provision of sustainable water and sanitation services requires a special emphasis and focus on gender, social justice and human rights. Water management that optimizes economic and social welfare and protects vital aquatic ecosystems must take into account the different requirements of women and men of all social strata. It also recognizes that women and the poor generally have fewer opportunities to benefit from development and management, being left out of decision making. Women and the poor empower themselves by awareness raising and capacity building activities. Empowerment leads to genuine participation by all stakeholders, and in its turn this leads to more equal practices, with more sharing of tasks, benefits and responsibilities between women and men.
Guiding principles
To achieve the objectives of mainstreaming gender through the programme, the GWA works with organisations and individuals all over the world, working at all levels (from political to grassroots) based on the following principles:
Partners of GWA
One of GWA's fundamental principles is to enhance collaboration and promote synergies with all relevant stakeholders in the water and sanitation sectors. In order to maximise available resources and have greater impact, GWA is engaged in results oriented partnerships with various organisations such as:
File GWA Approach
The various facets of the GWA approach as applied in Bangladesh
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