Gender and Water Alliance

Dr Suxia Liu

Professor, Key Laboratory of Water Cycle and Related Land Surface Processes, Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, China

Suxia Liu

Suxia Liu has more than 30 years of professional experience in the water sector and working experience with gender, including four international training courses in IWRM since 2006. She has proven capacity in fund-raising, successfully winning many projects, and has worked with NGOs and many water-related organisations. She currently has 180 publications to her name and has delivered keynote speeches in important water conferences. Through her work she has built a network of international and influential contacts in the water sector.

Suxia Liu previously served as the Vice-director of the Department of Hydrology, and as Chair of the Worker Community of the Department. She is currently the leader of the Dance Association of the Institute she is working in, open to all staff.

Suxia Liu has excellent communication and networking skills which she has developed over the years. She commits to making these immediately available for the work with GWA, by making many more people, including donors and funders, aware of and involved in gender and water issues, and of the GWA approach in this area.

For more information on Suxia Liu please visit her webpage:

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