Gender and Water Alliance

Women2030 Training Master Manual, the English version

The manual TMM which is developed for the Women 2030 project, has 5 modules, all with excercises, examples, cases and resources. The focus is on Gender and 5 SDGs: 5 Gender equality, 6 WASH, 7 Energy, 13 Climate Action, and 15 Biodiversity.
FileTMM English
Module 1: Introduction and Concepts and Approaches to Mainstreaming gender in SDGs
FileModule 2: Gender Mainstreaming in selected SDGs
The Gender aspects of SDGs 5 Gender Equality, 6 WASH, 7 Energy, 13 Climate Action and 15 Biodiversity are dealt with in detail.
FileModule 3. Gender Sensitive Training and Coaching Skills
For participatory, inclusive and interactive training.
FileModule 4 Mainstreaming Gender into Organisational Policies
It includes two sessions: Session 4.1: Gender-sensitive Organisational Development for NGOs and CSOs and Session 4.2: Gender in Development Planning
FileModule 5: Gender-responsive Advocacy
Session 5.1: Developing and planning advocacy activities for gender-responsive implementation of the SDGs Session 5.2: Formulating gender-responsive policies and legislation to implement the SDGs
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