Gender and Water Alliance

GWA/AIT Regional Workshop: Strategic Planning for Mainstreaming Gender in IWRM in Southeast Asia and the Pacific

From 18-21 July 2007 a GWA/AIT Regional Workshop on Strategic Planning for Mainstreaming Gender in IWRM was held for Southeast Asia and the Pacific at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in Thailand. The workshop was organized by the Gender and Water Alliance (GWA) and was co-hosted by AIT’s Gender and Development Studies Programme. A total of 33 participants and 20 graduate students and staff participated in the workshop.

The first day was spent on getting the general picture on gender mainstreaming in IWRM in the region and presenting the different networks and stakeholders.

The next days were used for group work to discuss existing best practices and to plan and coordinate regional activities around:

A. Capacity building

B. Knowledge development and dissemination

C. Policy and advocacy

The working groups met during two sessions and developed some priority activities and designated coordinators to get them moving, leading to a draft strategic plan for the region. The last day a field visit took place to Bang Pha Rok Community, where an environmental project was visited.

The complete report of the workshop can be down-loaded here

Training of trainers

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