Gender and Water Alliance

World Water Week 2008

From 17 to 23 August 2008 the World Water Week took place in Stockholm, Sweden. The theme was "Progress and Prospects on Water: For a Clean and Healthy World". Together with Saferworld, UK, the Gender and Water Alliance conducted a Seminar titled "Conflicts Over Water and Water to Solve Conflicts". Also the GWA Chair, Dr. Sara Ahmed, was the lead rapporteur for the sessions on Water Resource Mangement and reported her findings at the Synthesis Plenary on Friday 22 August.
FileOverview of activities of GWA during World Water Week 2008
Seminar "Conflict over Water and Water to Solve Conflicts"
Report and background papers of the seminar "Conflict over Water and Water to Solve Conflicts" co-convened by GWA and Saferworld
Synthesis Report World Water week 2008
PLease find the complete synthesis report of Wolrd Water 2008 here. On page 24 the report prepared by Sara Ahmed, and on page 41 (page 5 of the Annexes) the brief report on the seminar co-convened by GWA, can be found
Training of trainers

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