Gender and Water Alliance

World Water Week 2006

From 20 to 26 August the World Water Week took place in Stockholm. This years theme was: "Beyond the River - Sharing Benefits and responsibilities". During the week the sharing of benefits and responsibilities as they relate to livelihood improvement, land based activities within a river basin, and society's ability to cope with natural disasters were examined.
Seminar "Capturing the big picture of Gender in Water"
During the World Water Week, the Gender and Water Alliance together with SIWI and UNDESA conducted a seminar on the morning of 22 August, titled "Capturing the Big Picture of Gender in Water; Power relations in Policy and Practice : How to utilise existing knowledge?", in which more than a 100 people participated.
SIWI Synthesis Report of World Water Week
The complete synthesis report of SIWI of the World Water Week. On page 29 the report of GWA's seminar is printed.
Training of trainers

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