Gender and Water Alliance

Dublin Rio Principles: Bridging the Gender Gap in Water Resource Management

At the UNCSD meeting Rio+20 GWA contributed to the side event "Dublin Rio Principles: Bridging the Gender Gap in Water Resource Management - Where do we stand, what lessons have we learned." This event, moderated by Rejoice Mabudafhasi, South Africa’s Deputy Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs, discussed gender mainstreaming in the water sector and reviewed progress on strategies, actions, approaches and partnerships on gender mainstreaming.

The session was organised together with the African Ministers’ Council on Water (AMCOW), Cap-Net, the Center for Public Health and Climate Change, GWP, the International Women's Rights Project, PHI, SaciWATERs, UNDP, and the Water Research Commission.

Daniela Nogueira, member of the Gender and Water Alliance, presented a case study on the scaling up of a succesful rain water harvesting programme of an NGO by the Brazilian government. She stressed that national governments need to listen to community-based water resource management cases that have achieved gender equality. She concluded there is a lack of national statistics on gender indicators for the water sector and that methodological frameworks are insufficient to assure that womens rights are observed when formulating and implementing water policy.

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