Gender and Water Alliance

GWA speaks at Gender Assembly at World Urban Forum 5, March 2010

The 5th World Urban Forum (WUF) took place from 22 – 26 March 2010 in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. In the Gender Equality Action Assembly, Daniela Nogueira represented GWA.

For the first time, the WUF included a Gender Equality Action Assembly that brought together partners to discuss progress and challenges on the implementation of the Gender Equality Action Plan (GEAP). Daniela Nogueira spoke for GWA at this Assembly.

The two-day discussions from 19 – 20 March 2010 focused on the challenges, progress, strategies for action and policy implications of the GEAP. Discussions were held with UN-HABITAT programme managers and partners. On the second day, a high level meeting brought together UN-HABITAT, partners, women ministers of gender, housing and local development.

The Gender Assembly provided a unique platform to promote policy dialogue on gender equality and urbanization and gave grassroots women a chance to bring their issues to ministers, parliamentarians, mayors and urban practitioners.

To read the report on the first session of the Gender Equality Action Assembly, click here. To read more about the WUF5 please visit the official WUF5 website.

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