Gender and Water Alliance

AfricaSan 2008

The 2nd African conference on sanitation and hygiene Africa san + 5, was held in Durban South African, February 18-21, 2008. This was a special conference with the year 2008, being declared an international year of sanitation, it was a great opportunity to highlight key issues on sanitation on the African continent. Most importantly it was an opportunity to confirm or disprove what several critics have expressed over the years that Africa might not necessarily be on track to meet the MDG target goal on sanitation. The AfricanSan was a follow up to access progress made and adopted during the first AfricanSan which took place in Johannesburg, South Africa 2002. The conference for 2008 was a key opportunity to assess critical issues such as progress, challenges, best practices and lessons identified as each African country strives to achieve the MDG goal 7, target of halving the population of the 2.6 billion Africans who do not have access to basic sanitation.
Training of trainers

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