Gender and Water Alliance

GWA addresses gender issues at workshop

At the Regional Workshop on Optimisation for Sustainable Water Resources Management (OPTIMA), which took place at Qawra, Malta from 28-29 May, Chrisje van Schoot, Senior Programme Officer of GWA addressed the importance of gender involvement in water resource management.

The aim of the regional workshop was to draw attention to comparable or similar river basin management issues, and how these have been tackled through an active process of participatory stakeholder involvement. The 31 participants (9 female) of the workshop consisted of the OPTIMA partners and the stakeholders, the invited speakers and organising staff.

Chrisje van Schoot contributed through two presentations on gender and water management and participated in the round table discussions from a gender perspective. Although it was only the first time gender issues were discussed within this platform at a highly technical workshop, the organizers concluded that the inclusion of the gender topic had been a success.

Click here to read the report of Chrisje van Schoot.

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