Gender and Water Alliance

How to become a member

Membership to GWA is open to organisations and individuals committed to gender mainstreaming in all water and sanitation sectors. Members of GWA abide to the principles of the Alliance and work towards the achievement of its goals.

Members are invited to join in the mailing list of the network and participate in its activities. The mailing list is used to communicate with the members of GWA and informs them among others about GWA activities, interesting events outside of GWA, vacancies, etc. Furthermore the mailinglist is a means of communication between the members of GWA.

For executing the activities mentioned in the strategic plan, GWA preferably invites its members to do so, especially members that are expert in gender issues (with water experience). Members with a background in the water sector who have no gender expertise are especially serviced by strenghtening their knowledge on gender issues, and by this improve their practice. All members are asked to fill in questionnaires, every now and then.

To become a member, it is important to fill in the membership form and submit it to the GWA secretariat for its inclusion in the members database. The information derived from the forms is also used as a baseline survey.

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