Gender and Water Alliance

Water and Climate Coalition (formerly GPPN)

Logo Water and Climate CoalitionThe Water and Climate Coalition was previously known as the Global Public Policy Network on Water Management. Under that name they co-ordinated the following activities in consultation and collaboration with several governmental and non-governmental actors, including the GWA:

    • Conducting a global multi-stakeholder consultation on water and climate change adaptation, resulting in a publication outlining major priorities, Water and Climate Change: Key Messages for COP15
    • Facilitating side events and workshops alongside the negotiations on ‘Bridging the Water and Climate Agendas’
    • Drafting text amendments on water and adaptation in response to each revision of the negotiating text for the Ad Hoc Working Group on Longterm Co-operative Action under the Convention (AWG LCA)
    • Co-ordinating and Chairing an informal government group, ‘Friends of Water’ to discuss water issues informally as they relate to the negotiations
    • Convening  ‘Water Day’ during the UNFCCC negotiations in Barcelona in November 2009 together with UN Water
    • Writing a report for COP15 based on some of the issues raised at aforementioned Water Day, entitled ‘Water World: Why the global climate challenge is a global water challenge’.

    To read more about the above activities please consult the Water and Climate Coalition website

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