Gender and Water Alliance

MainstreamiGEnder Dimension Into WAter Resources Development and Management in the MEDiterranean Region (GEWAMED)


"Mainstreaming Gender Dimensions Into Water Resources Development And Management In The Mediterranean Region" (GEWAMED) was a project financed by the INCO (International Scientific Co-operation) Programme within the Six Framework Research Programme of the European Commission (EC) and addressed to the countries of the Mediterranean Region. The project was a "Coordinated Action" and emphasized networking and co-ordination of on-going research activities of a total of 18 institutions from 14 countries from the Mediterranean Region.

The Executive Director of the Gender and Water Alliance was a member of the Consultation and Advisory Gender Committee of GEWAMED, which met 2 times a year.

In 2006 GWA and GEWAMED jointly organised gender Session at 3rd Arab Water Regional Conference titled “Research Advancement in Managing Limited Water Resources”.

From 26 November- 02 December 2007, GWA conducted its first regional Training of Trainers course in Gender Mainstreaming in Integrated Water Resources Management for the Arab Region in Tunisia. The course was hosted by the Center for Arab Women Training and Research (CAWTAR) and organized in collaboration with AWARENET, Cap-Net, IDRC/WaDImena and GEWAMED.

On 13th  and 14th  July 2011 the Final International Workshop of the GEWAMED Project "The integration of gender dimension in IWRM (Integrated Water Resources Management): Lessons and challenges in the Mediterranean Region" was held in Brussels. This workshop was jointly organised by GWA and the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari, CIHEAM. as the European Commision had declared the GEWAMED project as a succes-story, a presentation was made at the European Parliament to share the progrjec with a bigger European audience.

For more information about GEWAMED, and to view and/or download the newsletters please visit their website

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