Gender and Water Alliance

Shaila Shahid

Team Leader-GWAPB

Shaila is a lawyer by academic training, who has previously worked in advisory positions with several development agencies like GIZ, UNDP, IFPRI, Oxfam, WaterAid, Practical Action; and as a consultant for the World Bank, ADB, and several national development organisations. She has extensive experience working for the print media, and has worked with the leading newspaper ‘Daily Star’ for more than 4 years. She has a keen interest in environmental advocacy, and worked as an environmental activist lawyer with Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association (BELA). Since the very beginning of her career, she was involved with a tiny farmer’s research institute named “Krisoker Sor (Farmers’ Voice)” which helped her to build the insight and dedication to work in the areas of food security, biodiversity, water and environment, using an equity and right based approach.

Shaila has closely worked with Bangladesh government institutions, and has actively contributed to the development of a number of national policies like the Disaster Management Act, Right to Information Act, Water Act and Gender and Equity Strategy for Health sector in Bangladesh. In her long years of experience in the development sector, she has always looked for the unspoken words while working with the marginalized, and to identify the missing links within social transformation. Shaila has a keen passion for planting and nurturing trees.


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