Gender and Water Alliance

Launch of new Virtual Museum visualising Water Heritage in India

GWA member Sara Ahmed recently launched a new virtual museum on water heritage in India, Living Waters Museum (LWM): Apart from the exhibition on Women, Water and Work (, many of the stories in the virtual galleries explore the relationship between gender and water.

Currently based at the Centre for Heritage Management, Ahmedabad University, LWM is a founder member of the Global Network of Water Museums endorsed by UNESCO.

The museum features the Exhibition on Women, Water and Work and its galleries feature several stories exploring the link between gender and water. For example, the impact of the disappearing kenis (small water wells) in Kerala on women's water work; or the impact of floods on lives and livelihoods within the controversial embankments of eastern India; and the perception of the tempestuous ocean as 'Mother' by the fishing communities in Kerala, even as the livelihood options for women in fishing are dwindling.

The LWM team is keen to expand the virtual platform, especially in terms of seeing how it can be used to address challenges on the ground, through capacity building, water classrooms in schools, and eco-entrepreneurship around water heritage sites, etc.

LWM is always looking for feedback and new ideas for website content. Please contact:

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