Gender and Water Alliance

GWA members meeting held at LATINOSAN 2007

The Gender and Water Alliance wanted to take advantage of the attendance by many of its members of the LATINOSAN 2007 conference, and organised a meeting for GWA members from the Latin American and Caribbean region. This meeting took place on 11th of November 2007 in Cali, Colombia and was attended by around 30 members of the Alliance.

The meeting started with a brief presentation by Steering Committee member Maria Angelica Alegria about the Gender and Water Alliance and its activities in the Latin American and Caribbean region. It was followed by a presentation by Christine Verheijden (Programme Officer responsible for the Latina American and Caribbean region) about GWA in general and its global activities.

The main goal of the meeting was to revise, discuss and complement the exisitng draft Regional Strategic Plan. After the first presentations the particpants in the meeting worked in groups to reflect on the regional gender analysis and the planning of the different outputs. The results of this group work is incorporated into the adapted Regional Strategic Plan, which will serve as a base for structuring the activities of the Gender and Water Alliance in the Latin American and Caribbean region for the years 2008-2010.

Initially it was also planned to reflect upon the effects of courses in gendermainstreaming in IWRM that have been carried out in the region up till date, and to assess the relevance of the instuments used in these training courses. Unfortunatly, due to lack of time it was not possible to perform said refelction. Therefore a working group was formed to elaborate a work plan for analysing the available training materials and GWA courses, with the aim to formulate future projects for the updating of training materials.

During the meeting some additional points came up, all more or less related to the process of regionalisation of GWA. These were briefly discussed and minuted.

If you are interested in the minutes (in Spanish), you can request a copy at the GWA secretariat.

Training of trainers

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