Gender and Water Alliance

Collaboration with the Sector Organizations

GWAPB has created a strong linkage and network with the following Sector Organizations -
  • Gender and Water Alliance Bangladesh organized a Sharing and Collaborative meeting on 12th November 2015 to get introduced with the sector leaders and explore possible future collaboration in the broadest areas of gender and water. GWA presented an overview of the global alliance and the ongoing activities of Gender and Water Programme Bangladesh (GWAPB) to the audience. The meeting came–up with some specific recommendations and a way forward for potential partnership towards making a greater impact on the lives and livelihoods of the marginalised people in the country.


  • Institute of Water and Flood Management (IWFM) –Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET): IWFM invited Joke Muylwijk, Programme Coordinator, Gender and Water Programme Bangladesh as resource person to deliver speech on Gender and IWRM. Both parties have agreed on further collaborative activities.
  • Department of Women and Gender Studies, University of Dhaka: GWAPB was one of the organizing partners of the International conference on Gender Diversity and Development' 2015, organized by the Department of Women and Gender Studies, University of Dhaka. GWAPB also hosted a parallel session titled "Gender and Natural Resources Management" in the conference.


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