Gender and Water Alliance


The members of the Gender and Water Alliance are its greatest asset as the GWA strives to reach its goals through its membership. The Gender and Water Alliance strives for a worldwide representation in the membership, in which both women and men, individuals and organisations are represented. Here you can find data about the membership and information on activities of members.
How to become a member
Membership to GWA is open to organisations and individuals committed to gender mainstreaming in all water and sanitation sectors. Members of GWA abide to the principles of the Alliance and work towards the achievement of its goals.
Data on GWA membership
Here you can find the membership reports compiled by the GWA Secretariat giving some statistics on GWA membership like number of men and women, individuals and organisations, geographical representation, growth of membership, etc.
GWA member Bikash Subedi wins "Eco-Peace Excellence Award" 2010
Bikash Subedi, GWA member in Nepal, has been awarded the “Eco-Peace Excellence Award 2010” by UNEP at the Asia Pacific Environment Forum 2010 which took place 16-19 November 2010 in Kangwon National University, Korea
GWA member Adewolo Taiwo meets President Obama
Adewole Taiwo, a GWA member in Nigeria was selected as 1 of the 120 Young African Leaders to meet President Obama in the White house 3-5 August 2010.
GWA member in Uganda wins Award for Best Performing NGO 2009
Katosi Women Development Trust (KWDT) won the Award for Best performing NGO in the Water and Sanitation sector 2008/2009 from the Ministry of Water and Environment in Uganda. The Mission of KWDT is to empower rural peasant women to initiate and self-manage their economic, social, and political development processes. The GWA Network is proud of our member-partner's achievement, and would like to offer hearty congratulations to all the KWDT women on achieving this wonderful milestone in their development. We wish them a lot more progress and recognition of their hard work in the years to come.
GWA welcomes its 1000th member!
On 7 November 2007, GWA welcomed its 1000th member! This is Mr Isaac Njifakue from Cameroun, who was proposed for membership by our Francophone Focal Point Stanislas. This good news proves that our membership increases fast, in many regions. We hope that this will result in more serious integration of gender aspects in development work related to water management. Once again, welcome Mr Njifakue and all other new members!
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